The IPM has a select number of volunteer opportunities for qualified applicants. Non-lawyer volunteers assist with community relations activities including complaint intake, outreach at community events, tracking media and attending community meetings.


Qualified applicants should display a proven commitment to community and strong connections to community members and organizations. Volunteers should be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week and possess reliable transportation. Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs is desired.



Email: policemonitor@nolaipm.gov
Call: (504) 309-9799

The Independent Police Monitor (IPM) of New Orleans is looking for motivated and intelligent legal interns, interested in joining our dedicated team. The IPM is doing cutting edge work in a very exciting environment.

The IPM monitors the process by which the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) investigates allegations of misconduct by its employees in order to determine if the process is timely, thorough and fair. It collects and analyzes data about complaints and police operations in order to identify problem areas and their root causes and makes those analyses public. The IPM encourages constructive and informed public dialogue about systemic issues of police policy and procedure by making recommendations for reform that meet best practices nationwide, and it conducts extensive community outreach.

The primary duties of law school interns are to conduct research, analyze data, and prepare reports on policy issues related to police oversight and misconduct, as well as preventing and detecting fraud and abuse. Interns will conduct legal research and writing under the direction of the IPM. They will also conduct complaint intake after appropriate training. Interns will review completed investigations of complaints of misconduct against NOPD police to determine whether the investigations performed by the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau comply with substantive and procedural due process standards. They may assist with community outreach events designed to disseminate information about the agency and its function and with drafting outreach literature. The internship is designed to provide students with experience in legal research and writing and also with practical skills such as case assessment, analysis, interviewing and community organization.

Applications will be accepted and decisions will be made on a rolling basis. To apply, please complete the form at the bottom of this page

Name: Tonya McClary
Email: tmcclary@nolaipm.gov
Call: 504-309-9799

Every neighborhood and community has respected people and leaders that they know and trust. Often, when facing a crisis, interaction with a bureaucracy filled with people one doesn’t know can be intimidating and discouraging. By becoming a complaint intake site, you offer your community the opportunity to bring their problems to a trusted source where they can feel safe and comfortable discussion any problems they’ve had with police misconduct.

The process to become a complaint intake site is simple:

  • Register for a training completing the application
  • Complete a 2 hour training on how to take a complaint
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with OIPM indicating your agreement to take complaints and refer them to OIPM.

Accountability breeds response-ability.

― Stephen R. Covey