Current Open Positions:

The City of New Orleans, Office of the Independent Police Monitor, is now accepting applications for the position of Deputy Police Monitor.

The Code of Ordinances for the City of New Orleans, Section 2-1121, provides that “Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIPM) shall monitor the New Orleans Police Department, particularly in the areas of: civilian and internally-generated complaints; internal investigations; discipline; use of force; and in custody deaths. The Independent Police Monitor shall review and analyze the numbers and types of complaints; assess the quality and timeliness of New Orleans Police Department investigations; review the adequacy of data collection and analysis; review the public integrity bureau’s policies, procedures, and resource needs; conduct risk management reviews; review the operations and effectiveness of New Orleans Police Department “early warning system”; review specific issues regarding supervision, training, and discipline; conduct relevant pattern analysis;” and other tasks to ensure New Orleans Police Department accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to the community it serves.

The Deputy Police Monitor (DPM) is the second highest ranked position in the OIPM, the Deputy Police Monitor is responsible for assisting the Independent Police Monitor in executing the duties of the office. The DPM will develop policies for and exercise substantial independent discretion in all the duties of the position. The DPM will establish standards and methodologies for reviews, investigations, recommendations, and data collection and will prepare reports. The DPM will initiate and maintain relationships with the community and citizens, identify opportunities to initiate relationships with the public including networking, attend community events, develop outreach programs, etc., and gain, strengthen and enhances trust between the City, New Orleans Police Department, community and general public. Additionally, the DPM will interact with the community and keep the community informed about the work of the Police Oversight Office, the City’s role and oversight of law enforcement, law enforcement related activities impacting the community, etc. This includes assisting with publishing newsletters, periodic reports including annual reports, making public appearances and presenting to the community and other key stakeholders. The Deputy Police Monitor will perform the duties of the Independent Police Monitor during an absence, as well as other duties, as directed.

The salary for this position is $90,567. Resumes and cover letters should be submitted electronically to: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Additional information may be required during the application process.

The successful candidate will be subject to an extensive background investigation, which includes a criminal history review, as well as a drug and alcohol screening.

Please contact Independent Police Monitor Stella Cziment at (504) 309-9799 or with questions regarding the position.


  1. The Deputy Police Monitor shall be an attorney with substantial experience in criminal, civil rights, and/or labor law, or corporate and/or governmental investigation; or an individual with a master’s degree and at least three years’ professional experience in law enforcement oversight or comparable experience.
  2. Knowledge of law enforcement, particularly of internal investigations of wrongdoing and uses of force, is essential.
  3. Strong analytic and writing skills are required.
  4. The deputy police monitor shall possess impeccable integrity, sound judgment and an understanding of the city’s ethnic diversity, cultural traditions, and socio-economic situation.


  • Knowledge of and experience in criminal law, particularly in the constitutional requirements of policing
  • Familiarity with data collection and analysis.
  • Experience in using Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Familiarity with IT systems
  • Familiarity with website usage.
  • Strong outreach skills and experience.
  • Knowledge of social issues, public opinion, organization and subcultures.
  • Effective framework of governmental and procedural justice.
  • Proficiency of organization and management practices and methods, including goal setting, program development and implementation, employee supervision, personnel management, employee relations, team building, budget development and financial management.
  • High level of resiliency and the ability not to personalize adversity.
  • The ability to work independently, fairly, and objectively. Demonstrate objectivity towards law enforcement and community interests.
  • Knowledge of police administration and organization, and the rules, laws and
  • Extensive experience in local, state or federal law enforcement.
  • State, federal, and local laws including criminal law and employment law.
  • Operations, services and activities of an oversight program.
  • Operations, services and activities of an oversight program.
  • Media and public relations experience.

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