Our Mission

Our Mission

Since first opening its doors in August 2009, the Office of the Independent Police Monitor has been responsible for representing the community of New Orleans, providing accountability and oversight to the New Orleans Police Department, and implementing the reforms required under the Federal Consent Decree.  The Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIPM) is an independent branch of city government that is responsible for providing oversight to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), helping build community trust in the police department and receiving public feedback on the police, and working to make the NOPD a safer and better working environment for all officers and employees. 

The OIPM provides oversight through monitoring, reviewing, and auditing police activity and data. We are tasked with holding the NOPD accountable and ensuring they are following their own rules, policies, city, state, and federal laws.  The OIPM is responsible for conducting complaint and commendation intake, on-scene monitoring of critical incidents and uses of force, overseeing the community-officer mediation program, reviewing investigations, providing assessments, identifying patterns, and making recommendations for improved practice, policy, resource allocation, and training.

The Office of the Independent Police Monitor is an independent, civilian police oversight agency created by voters in a 2008 charter referendum.  The OIPM operates through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department.  It is protected and required by City Charter and Ordinance.  This means this office was created by the people of New Orleans to represent all people interacting with the New Orleans Police Department to improve the way our community is policed.

Accountability breeds response-ability.

― Stephen R. Covey