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The OIPM is the first civilian police oversight agency in the country. We are committed to holding the NOPD accountable to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our mission is to improve police service to the community, boost citizens’ trust in the NOPD, and better officer safety and working conditions.

OIPM 2023 Hurricane Emergency Oversight Plan with Addendum
OIPM 2022 Oversight Concerns regarding Possibility of Royal Street Patrol
Amended - Inside the OIPM and OIPM Six Month Action Plan 2021
OIPM 2021 Hurricane Emergency Plan
OIPM Audit and Review Plan 2021
Letter to NOPD on Facial Recognition Technologies - November 12, 2020.
2019 Public Letter on Surveillance Cameras
City's Response to 2019 Public Letter on Surveillance Cameras
Citywide Public Safety Improvements Plan Proposed by Mayor Landrieu on Jan. 23, 2017
Debriefing on the Death of Officer Daryle Holloway - June 19, 2015.
Presidential Task Force Letter - February 5, 2015.
Public Letter - Special Victims Investigations- November 18, 2014.
Letter to Superintendent Harrison and Deputy Superintendent Westbrook - November 18, 2014.
Letter to City Attorney re: Lawsuits & Claims for Damages - June 7, 2012.

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