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Understanding the Complaint Process

Citizen reporting of crime, misconduct and excellent conduct is not only good citizenship but essential to our public safety. Complaints can be filed anonymously. Any complaint or commendation is subject to a public records request after the investigation is complete. If you have open criminal charges, we strongly recommend you discuss the possibliity of filing a complaint with your attorney. There are many ways to file a complaint! You can file a complaint with the OIPM :

  • In person – Schedule an appointment by calling (504) 309-9799, then come to our office at:
    2714 Canal Street, Suite 201. Walk-ins are also welcome
  • On Facebook or Twitter
  • Via Email –
  • By Phone – Call the IPM HOTLINE (504) 309 – 9799
  • On this Website – Fill out the Complaint Form or Commendation Form.
  • At one of our Remote Intake Sites, listed below
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Full Name: (If you wish to be anonymous, please type "Anonymous" in the name field.)

OIPM uses demographics like race and gender to analyze whether complaints or outcomes vary by demographic groups. Your willingness to share this vital information is much appreciated.

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In the lines below, please describe what occurred. It is essential to include details such as what occurred, why you believe it occurred, how it occurred, what was said, etc. If you need additional space, you may upload a document in the space provided under the heading "Upload Documents".
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Accountability breeds response-ability.

― Stephen R. Covey