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The mission of the Office is to prevent and detect fraud and abuse and to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans. To report fraud or abuse, visit the IPM website, call (504) 309-9799 or email

Any member of the public can file a complaint!

You can file a complaint with the Independent Police Monitorin the following ways :

Make an appointment by calling (504) 309-9799 to meet at our office :

  • Walk-in without an appointment any time between the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays at our office.
  • Mail your complaint to the office address, stated above.

You can also file complaints with the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau (NOPD PIB) by phone, by mail or in person at
118 North Rocheblave St., New Orleans, LA 70119 – ( 504 ) 658 – 6800.

  • District Attorney’s Office
    (504) 822-2414
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    (504) 816-3000
  • United States Attorney’s Office
    (504) 680-3000

The Independent Police Monitor receives complaints that allege misconduct by an individual police officer or officers acting in their own discretion, including, but not limited to :

  • Use of Excessive Force
  • Theft
  • Retaliation for filing a complaint with the NOPD or the Independent Police Monitor
  • Failure to Supervise
  • Falsification of Records
  • Inappropriate Language or Attitude
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination in the provision of police services or other discriminatory conduct on the basis of race, colors, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation
  • Abuse of authority, such as unlawful searches and seizures, premises entered and searched, no warrant, threats to notify child services, threats to damage property,

Yes. You can file a commendation for an employee in writing, by telephone, via fax, on-line, or by visiting our office in person. You may also file a commendation with the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau or with the employee’s supervisor.

The Independent Police Monitor refers the complaint immediately to the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau (PIB), the bureau that investigates allegations of misconduct by police. The PIB handles referrals from the Independent Police Monitor in the same way that it handles complaints filed directly with the NOPD. The Independent Police Monitor maintains an independent record of your information in its own database.

Regardless of whether the complaint is filed with the Independent Police Monitor or the NOPD, the NOPD PIB always conducts the investigation and the Independent Police Monitor monitors it.

The Independent Police Monitor first reviews how the NOPD PIB classifies the complaint. The classification determines how thorough an investigation the complaint will receive.

If the Independent Police Monitor thinks the complaint should be more thoroughly investigated, it will recommend that the NOPD PIB change the classification and will make that recommendation public.

When the NOPD PIB investigation is concluded, the Independent Police Monitor reviews the investigation to determine whether it was fair, thorough and timely.

If the Independent Police Monitor finds that the NOPD PIB investigation was not fair, thorough and timely, it will inform the NOPD and will make a public report. You will be given a copy of this report.

Yes. You will receive periodic written notification from the NOPD PIB as the investigation progresses and of its findings. If you cannot get a response from the NOPD PIB, the Independent Police Monitor can obtain a written status report for you.

You can file a complaint anonymously, but it will be more difficult to investigate your complaint. OIPM public reports will not include identifying information about you or the officers involved. Your privacy will be respected and strictly maintained.

No. The Independent Police Monitor has jurisdiction only in Orleans Parish and only over the NOPD. It does not have jurisdiction over surrounding parishes or the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department. However, we will write up and refer your complaint to the appropriate agency.

The Independent Police Monitor cannot give legal advice or assist with a person’s criminal defense.



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