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Auditor Position Announcement

The City of New Orleans, Office of the Independent Police Monitor, is now accepting applications for the position of Auditor.

The ideal candidate for this work must be able to:

  1. Assesses police operations for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, charter provisions, ordinances, grant provisions, contract requirements, and established policies and procedures.
  2. Evaluates and assesses areas of risk, determines if effective controls are in place, and suggest approaches for addressing risk.
  3. Develops audit plans and objectives, scope and methodologies; perform appropriate audit tests to assess performance; and test accuracy of data being audited.
  4. Collects data through interviews, observations, and other appropriate research methods.
  5. Coordinates activities with other government officials, community and business leaders and the media.
  6. Compiles, evaluates, analyzes and interprets data regarding the efficiency of the department in meeting established compliance standards.
  7. Conducts entrance and exit conferences with auditees.
  8. Prepares work papers, forms and reports to support conclusions and recommendations; determine adequacy of record systems and procedures; modify audit programs with approval.
  9. Prepares audit reports, including specific findings and recommendations.
  10. Communicates audit results to supervisors.
  11. Performs follow-up on implementation of management recommendations; assist in monitoring the implementation of external auditors’ and stakeholder recommendations.
  12. May assign, review, participate in and coordinate the work of subordinate staff; may orient, train and supervise subordinate staff.

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Attorney I (Management Development Specialist II) Position Announcement

The City of New Orleans, Office of the Independent Police Monitor, is now accepting applications for the position of Attorney I. The ideal candidate for this work must be able to analyze existing law and policy, review the facts provided by NOPD investigators and analyze the quality of their investigations. They must be familiar with employment, criminal and civil rights law and experienced in legal research and writing. The most complex aspects of this work are:

  1. The ability to apply appropriate law or policy to a fact scenario.
  2. The ability to review large amounts of information, organize it, categorize it and combine it to provide a clear fact scenario, timeline, and logically sound conclusions and theories that are presented, in writing, in clear, concise and persuasive language.
  3. The ability to monitor an NOPD investigation in real time: powerful observation skills and an eye for detail; the fortitude to ask key questions; knowledge of and the ability to learn right police practices so that they might identify deviations; willingness to be on call and the physical ability to navigate crime scenes and monitor autopsies.
  4. Strong research skills – OIPM often researches topics that are highly specialized or that have not been the subject of easily found academic or judicial review. The person in this position must be able to tenaciously pursue relevant case law, research studies and best practice policies – often on obscure subjects.
  5. Impartiality: The ideal candidate must be able to conduct impartial analysis and write legal analysis without bias or emotion. An ideal candidate must have strong professional ethics and clarity about state ethics laws.

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